Past Conferences

BIPC 2023

2023 Busan International Port Conference
  • TitleThe 11th Busan International Port Conference (BIPC 2023)

  • DateNovember 28(Tue.) ~ 29(Wed.), 2023

  • VenueBusan Port International Exhibition & Convention Center

  • ThemeEnduring Progress

  • Official LanguageKorean & English (simultaneous interpretation available)

Day 1 - November 28th(Tue.)

Time Program
10:40 - 12:10
[Session 1] Container Shipping: Factories to Terminals
Moderator & Speaker) Tim POWER, Managing Director, Drewry
Speaker 2) Luciano GRECO, Professor, Padova University
Speaker 3) Lars JENSEN, CEO, Vespucci
Discussion, Q&A
13:30 – 14:20
[Special Lecture] Governance of Port Authority
Speaker 1) Sam CHO, Commission President, Port of Seattle
Speaker 2) Su-han WOO, Professor, Jung-ang University
Discussion, Q&A
14:30 – 15:40
[Session 2] Decarbonization, What else?
Moderator & Speaker) Johan SVENDSEN, Program Manager, Maersk Mc-kinney Zero-Shipping Center
Speaker 2) Jorg WEBERNDORFER, Minister Counsellor, EU Delegation to the Republic of Korea
Speaker 3) Young-jae SUNG, Senior Vice President, HD KSOE
Discussion, Q&A
16:00 – 17:10
[Session 3] Ports & Shipping in Korea
Speaker 1) Geun-sub KIM, Senior Research Fellow, Korea Maritime Institute
Speaker 2) Jorg WEBERNDORFER, Minister Counsellor, EU Delegation to the Republic of Korea
Speaker 3) Gyou-bong KIM, Senior Vice President, HMM
Discussion, Q&A

Day 2 - November 29th(Wed.)

Time Program
09:30 - 10:40
[Session 4] Port Development & Management (Special Session by *KMI) *Korea Maritime Institute
Moderator) Sang-hei CHOI, Vice President for Research, KMI
Speaker 1) Hye-ryeong LEE, Senior Researcher, KMI
Speaker 2) Su-young LEE, Senior Researcher, KMI
Speaker 3) Se-won KIM, Associate Research Fellow, KMI
Discussion, Q&A
11:00 – 12:10
[Session 5] State of the Port Technology
Moderator & Speaker) Oscar PERNIA, Founder and Technical Lead, NextPort.AI
Speaker 2) Anders DOMMESTRUP, CEO, DP World Korea
Speaker 3) Jong-chan LEE, Senior Vice President, Hyundai E&C
Discussion, Q&A
14:00 – 17:00
[KMI Special Conference] International Logistics Response and Prospects according to Environmentally Friendly Bunkering Changes in Ports
Speaker 1)Wayne Lundy, Ph.D/Senior Engineer, U.S. Coast Guard
Speaker 2) Nayounghwan CHOI, Director, Korea Maritime Institute
Speaker 3) Zheng Wang, Ph.D, WTI
Speaker 4) Yunho KIM, Senior Researcher, KRISO
Speaker 5) Byoung-Wook KO, Director General, Korea Maritime Institute
Discussion, Q&A

Container Shipping: Factories to terminals

  • Moderator & Speaker

    Global Ports Market - Key Issues

    Tim POWER

    Managing Director

  • Speaker

    Container Shipping and the Economy: Perspectives and Policy Challenges

    Luciano GRECO

    Padua University

  • Speaker

    Container Shipping: What are the Major Changes in 2024-2030?

    Lars JENSEN

    Vespucci Maritime

Speical Lecture.
Governance of Port Authority

  • Speaker

    Harboring Success: Port Governance and the Port of Seattle

    Sam CHO

    Port of Seattle
    Commission President

  • Speaker

    Towards Port Governance for Growth

    Su-han WOO

    Chung-Ang University

Session 2.
Decarbonization, What else?

  • Moderator & Speaker

    Green Corridors - A Collaborative Approach in Unlocking Deployment of the New Fuels

    Johan SVENDSEN

    Maersk Mc-kinney Zero-Shipping Center
    Program Manager

  • Speaker

    Regulations on Decarbonisation in the European Union


    EU Delegation to the Republic of Korea
    Minister Counsellor

  • Speaker

    Overview of Green Technology for Low and Zero-carbon Ships

    Young-jae SUNG

    Senior Vice President

Session 3.
Ports & Shipping in Korea

  • Moderator & Speaker

    Changes of Global Supplychain and Strategy for Port of Busan

    Geun-sub KIM

    Korea Maritime Institute
    Senior Research Fellow

  • Speaker

    Future 2D Strategies of Shipping Company

    Gyou-bong KIM

    Senior Vice President

  • Speaker

    New Role and Growth Strategy of Busan Port

    Sang-sik LEE

    Busan Container Terminal

Session 4.
Port Development & Managemment (Special Session by KMI)

  • Moderator

    Sang-hei CHOI

    Korea Maritime Institute
    Vice President for Research

  • Speaker

    Application of BIM Technology in Ports

    Hye-ryeong LEE

    Korea Maritime Institute
    Senior Researcher

  • Speaker

    Global Port Productivity Trends

    Su-young LEE

    Korea Maritime Institute
    Senior Researcher

  • Speaker

    Strategies to Improve Port-related Business

    Se-won KIM

    Korea Maritime Institute
    Associate Research Fellow

Session 5.
State of the Port Technology

  • Moderator & Speaker

    Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence Transforming Decision-making at Ports

    Oscar PERNIA

    Founder and Technical Lead

  • Speaker

    New Technology Initiatives in Terminal Operation


    DP World Korea

  • Speaker

    Port Construction Machinery Enlargement and Application Cases

    Jong-chan LEE

    Hyundai E&C
    Senior Vice President

KMI Special Conference
International Logistics Response and Prospects according to Environmentally Friendly Bunkering Changes in Ports

  • Speaker

    U.S. authorities' policies and countermeasures in response to the regulation of ship environment in New York and New Jersey ports and the emergence of eco-friendly ships

    Wayne Lundy

    U.S. Coast Guard
    Ph.D/Senior Engineer

  • Speaker

    Current status of green supply chain management

    Nayounghwan CHOI

    Korea Maritime Institute

  • Speaker

    Practice and Reflection on clean energy application in ports and ships

    Zheng Wang


  • Speaker

    Recent status on clean fuels as a marine fuel in Korea to establish a green shipping corridor

    Yunho KIM

    Senior Researcher

  • Speaker

    Decarbonization in Maritime Supply Chain Logistics of U.S.A - A Proposal of ‘Port Bunkering Partnership’

    Byoung-Wook KO

    Korea Maritime Institute
    Director General