Welcome Message

Welcome Message

First held in 2013, the Busan International Port Conference (BIPC) is proud to mark its 11th anniversary this year.

We have faced many challenges over the last 11 years; from a large-scale perspective, the industrial environment has changed significantly due to the 4th Industrial Revolution and implementation of the Paris Agreement. For individuals and communities around the globe, day-to-day living environments have been altered dramatically with the spread of COVID-19. In these times of unprecedented shifts, BIPC once again offers to function as a platform to discuss recent changes and to prepare for the coming challenges ahead.

The 11th BIPC, under the theme of "Enduring Progress", seeks to find paths towards a better future with the help of experts from around the globe, who will provide their insight and creative ideas throughout the conference. In addition, we cordially invite all port-logistics related associates as well as those interested in our industries to join us.

We look forward to welcoming you here at Busan Port on the 28th of November, 2023.

KANG, Joon-suk

CEO & President, Busan Port Authority